Seamless Texture

Today I give you pack of five seamless high resolution textures that can be used freely in your projects! These textures can be tiled seamlessly in your 3d designs. The pixel size of each texture is 2000 x 2000. You can use them freely in both personal and commercial projects but you are not allowed to sell them. Go ahead and click on the texture to download the high the resolution version.

Seamless Concrete Texture

Tileable concrete texture

Tileable Smooth Rock Texture

Rock texture

Seamless Concrete Wall Texture

Texture of concrete wall

Tileable Rock Texture

Tileable rock texture

Seamless Wall Texture

Seamless texture

So there you go. While these textures are perfectly seamless there still might be noticeable “tiling effects” when the texture is repeated several times. This is a common problem with most seamless textures. Anyway, I did my best with these and hopefully you are able to find some use for them. Let me know what you think. Should I do more posts like this?

41 Responses to Seamless Texture

  1. Henk says:

    Wow awesome contribution!

  2. adone says:

    Amazing textures. Thanks:-)

  3. LSerrano says:

    Thanks for this!! good textures.

  4. Shasith says:

    Thnxs a lot 4 textures :)

  5. robbie lemos says:


  6. Kashak says:

    Good to see people sharing stuff like this. With my positive energy hope your blog will do fine. I am max user myself and was planning soon to start one small project. I see how your textures could be what I need in some places.

  7. istupidmammal says:

    i hope you’ll share more in the future.. i’m currently trying some of your tutorials..ü

  8. Ben Henry says:

    Sweet dude,
    That’s awesome!

  9. Chandana says:

    wow.. great blog and awesome stuff …
    Thanks a lot for everything.

  10. FAREED says:

    God bless you … Thanks for guide me dear friend

  11. Jared says:

    These are fantastic. Thank you for all of these wonderful tips. They’re trully advancing to my career. I’m forever grateful and forever a fan!

  12. Dave says:

    Thanks very much for these.

  13. jaydip says:

    nice very nice texture..
    thanks a lot

  14. bala says:

    give lighting tips for characters.

  15. Soumen Roy says:

    Your tutorials really helped me.
    But i need some more tutorials
    how can i get.
    Thank You

  16. CCIDgfx says:

    Thank you very much, sir =)

  17. Alfred Lie says:

    thank you,yes you should post anoter seamless texture,God Bless you my friend.

  18. Akaltar says:

    Thanks for this great share!

    yes you could do more of them, just with bump maps maybe?

  19. Akaltar says:

    And you could make a tut for it too
    (sry for doublepost)

  20. 3Der says:

    wow ..these are great !! thanks a mil !!

  21. VidGameDude says:

    Thank you kindly, your indeed a generous soul to have these tutorials and even free high rez textures.

    i will remember you in my career of 3D modeling and animating.

    again thanks!

  22. cabistron says:

    WOW! thanks a lot for sharing this stuff.. great blog and great work! keep on!! greetings from spain

  23. Dedi says:

    It is one of the best and my favorite site since this day!

  24. Uwik says:

    texturas impresinantes, buen aporte,estoy trabajando sobre el¨bokeh effect¨muchas gracias

  25. Jake says:

    Thank you so much oh kind sir! :)
    – The tutorials are fantastic and the textures are awesome! ^_^

  26. cat says:

    Thanks! this website is awesome, i love your tutorials.

  27. yosra says:

    thank u so much for these texturas. youre wonderful and best with generous soul.

  28. yosra says:

    thank u so much kind man

  29. Juan says:

    Thank you for this.

  30. Sean says:

    Thanks for the textures! You are seamlessly awesome!

  31. Masashiro says:

    Thanks a million

  32. Wow what a great free resource! Thanks

  33. florina says:

    thank you for sharing you seamless collection :) .

  34. ZOID says:

    Thank you :)

  35. rait yuki says:

    thank you

    is there any tutorial about them?

    once angain thank you

  36. Ryan says:

    Thanks a tonne. They look and tile great, especially the rock texture.

  37. Rav says:

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks a ton :)

  38. Kiwi Chick says:

    Thank you! Great high quality seamless textures, awesome :)

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