When you want to be inspired by stunning 3D graphics, you could watch a film with beautiful visual effects. Today I’d like to share my favorite movie posters with convincing 3D characters. There are monsters, beasts, aliens, humanoids, animals, and robots. I’ll concentrate on Hollywood movies and leave out superheros at this time. I also present only one poster per movie to give you variety.

01. The Wolfman: 3D Werewolf

We’ve seen werewolves in movies several times, but the latest is probably the most convincing in terms of CGI.

The Wolfman poster (rendered werewolf)

02. Alien vs Predator Requiem: CGI Alien

The movie sucks, but these legendary beasts still look awesome. And let’s not forget the predators. I could’ve just as well chosen a poster of a predator.

Alien vs Predator Requiem poster (CGI alien)

03. 10,000 BC: Smilodon

10,000 BC features three great prehistoric 3d animals: mammoth, phorohacus, and smilodon. They all look amazing but smilodon is my favorite.

10,000 BC poster (computer generated smilodon)

04. The Golden Compass: Iorek Byrnison, an Armored Ice Bear

The Golden Compass is full of talking 3d animals. The poster shows Iorek Byrnison, an armored ice bear. The Golden Compass won an oscar for the best achievement in visual effects.

The Golden Compass poster (armored ice bear)

05. The Lord of the Rings: 3D Character Gollum

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is soon 10 years old, but the CGI still looks really convincing. Each one of the movies won an oscar for the best visual effects.

LOTR poster (3d character gollum)

06. King Kong

Perhaps the most believable furry monster seen on the big screen. King Kong won an oscar for the best achievement in visual effects.

King Kong poster

07. Where the Wild Things Are: CGI Monster or is it?

Just when I said Kong Kong was the most believable furry monster, I realize there are wild things that look amazingly good as well. However , the monsters are actually actors in costumes combined with CGI faces. Beautiful poster nevertheless.

Where the Wild Things Are poster

08. Eragon: 3D Dragon

Eragon brought us one of the best CGI dragons ever.

Eragon poster (cgi dragon)

09. Transformers: 3D Robot Optimus Prime

Transformers was nominated for the best achievement in visual effects. The robots look great and their movement and interaction with the live footage is stunning. My favorite is Bumblebee but in the poster Optimus Prime looks just a little better.

Transformers poster (3d robot character)

10. Terminator Salvation: CGI Terminator

Terminators looked good already in the 90s. Today, they look even better.

Terminator salvation (3d terminator characters)

11. Clash of the Titans: CGI Monster

I haven’t actually seen Clash of the Titans yet, but the trailer and the posters make a promise of amazing 3d visual effects.

Clash of the Titans (3d characters

12. Avatar: 3D Character Neytiri by Zoe Saldana

It was no surprise that Avatar won an oscar for the visual effects. The highlight of the CGI characters was beautiful Neytiri portrayed by Zoe Saldana.

Avatar poster (Neytiri cgi character)

That was my take. Feel free to complete the collection and let me know your favorites!

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